Monday, April 30, 2012

pieces here and there

For the most part of the first quarter, the pens dry. There have been revisions here and there but those are different things. Entirely different from that peculiar rush of nursing a new baby, a new piece. This must be because of being caught up with other responsibilities both relevant and not.

I sorely need the push.

And then came the little bits of news. Early last month, Ive received an e-mail telling my poems inclusion in Montage, the official literary folio of University of Santo Tomas The Varsitarian. It was comforting news, especially when I thought the poem The Storms Around Us had nowhere to go.

Later last week, another editor e-mailed me that a poem of mine, How to Identify a Crisis Without Really Trying, is up at the Philippines Free Press website. Delightful, just delightful.

Today, I think and hope I already have the needed push.

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Leonidus the Great. said...

the part of nursing a baby conjured a vivid image