Wednesday, June 20, 2012

the asuang's with us

A flash fiction of mine, “Where The Cats Are Always Sleepy,” will be published in the Asuang Issue of Paper Monster Press (along with one of my favorite poets Joel and artist Arbeen a.k.a. Tilde). This would be my first attempt at this genre, so I find this remarkable news. (Big thanks to Eva, really). I thought nothing would surprise me this June.

Lifted from their Facebook page, here is the (incomplete) list of contributors of the seventh edition of Paper Monster Press:


S.E. Salvidge (The Teratoma)
Mark Alvin Jabrica (Ode to Maria Ozawa)
Beatrice Howard (Welcome to Wonderland)
Xenia Chloe Villanueva (Homemade Puree)
Joel Toledo (Exit Wounds)
Reya Mari Veloso (A Vaccine Shot for Bad Dates)
Jenni de Leon-Slater (Alimpungat)
F. Jordan Carnice (Where The Cats Are Always Sleepy)
Ayn Frances dela Cruz (Mummy)


Macky Serrano Salvador (Itsura)
Michael Alegre (Diacetylmorphine Fl[u]shback)
Mark Angeles (Aswang)
Francisco Arias Montesena (Malikmata)
Jose Jason Chancoco (Ang Hula)
Tilde Acuña (Litanya ng Matandang Ulopong)
Jomark Baynado (Puno ng Duhat)
Daniw Santiago (Alay na Villanelle)
Noel Sales Barcelona (Aguwada)
Jenni de Leon-Slater (Kumot)
Lolito Go (Kagat)


Anak Dalita (Digmaan)
Flash Elorde (Save Slam Dance)
Lee Lazaro (Casket Fields)
Kyril Dice (Computing Fever)
Fherrond (Catharsis)
Thomas James Slater (Aswang)
Neuter Lover (End)
Mannequin (Brutal Battalion)
Read our Lines (Swing my Ass to Death)
Civil Love (Under the Sun)


Panch Alvarez
Eleonor Leonne Bennett
Jorge Badua
Jesus Ramos Tejada

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