Wednesday, July 04, 2012

just another excuse

Not much writing has been done lately. Reading is even shamelessly stalled in the meantime. Blame that to the weather and the television shows, “Community” and “Happy Endings” (especially the former). Comedies in general often fail to tickle me, so when I first reacted to the two the way I should supposedly be reacting to humor upon first viewing, I could not let them go. Please forgive me of my weaknesses. Also, this entry is another form of stalling (when I am supposed to be writing). I must get back to my drafts. But first, I need to see that new episode. Bye.


elise marlene said...

I think whenever we actually have a deadline for* writing we occupy ourselves otherwise. I'm supposed to be editing my friend's novel at the moment yet, here I am.

f. jordan said...

True. Sweet distractions. Always the practicing writer's Achilles heel.