Tuesday, August 28, 2012

original tragedy

Clearly, it is not sin that we inherit
From Adam and Eve but tragedy.
Tragedy of silence, tragedy of a fall
That seems delicate, endless, oceanesque.
One August night, by the table limned
With warm lights piercing through
The amber of beer bottles, I confessed
To some friends I haven’t seen
That old movie they extolled rabidly
Like a little spate of storms.
“Prepare to be in love,” declared one
Who believed that the fate
Of constellations never die
Once tattooed on our skin.
But I have always been in love.
In fact, sometimes I think you are,
And would remain, that old news
I’d want to hear all over again.
I have to be honest. We all should.
And I have to be silent, too. We all have
That singular tragedy we are too willing
To take. So I’ll save the sad lines for later.
For now I just need an affectionate cat,
I just need to set the table tonight.
And finally, this time, not with you.


angreynangsablay said...

Minsan ko lang sasabihin 'to: Fuck you, that was great! Great because am(az/us)ing ang pag-piece together :) Mamaya ko na ie-evaluate yong impact saken ng tattoo reference, haha. But if I may just say, I think it needs some polishing sa end, masyadong staccato eh. Mahirap basahin especially out loud. Hehe.

KimberKat said...

im kinda at a loss for words.
Its good. it great. Its...interesting.
Keep it up. I like your blog.

Ian Casocot said...

I am so in love with you right now. This is fantastic.

f. jordan said...

@Mars: Well, I've polished it now. Hope you like it. And yes, I think you believe constellations work that way. Hehe.

@Kat: Thank you. Glad to see you here.

@Ian: My, my... This is such an honor, Ian. Such an honor.