Thursday, September 20, 2012

original desire

It is said that we learn
Not by what we are taught
But by what we have caught.
As if faith, love, and hope
Are pigeons in the air
We could slingshot
From a good distance:
Here’s a bird for you,
Reveal its splendid grace.
Truth be told, I ache
For your guidance:
Take these hands with you,
Take them to wherever
You want, on you, with me,
Where fractures of morning slip
Through canopies of mangoes.
Or green jacquard curtains.
On your birthday, I wish you
Flashes of wisdom, silver
In coming, cyan in vibrance.
I also wish for rain
Of shooting stars, for there
Couldn’t be more grand
Than a spectacle
Born to give birth
To desires. Now feel this, feel
Our longings shake the eaves
Of our sanity. Let us come
And go, let us make this
Happen like sunrise.

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