Tuesday, December 04, 2012

almost in there: likhaan 6

Apparently, the news came to me a little bit late. I didn’t make it in the final contents of University of the Philippines Institute of Creative Writing’s Likhaan Journal 6, but a poem from the collection I submitted for possible inclusion got a little bit of mentioning in its preface or introduction written by Gemino H. Abad, the literary journal’s editor:

‘”There are quite a number of remarkable poems that I personally would not hesitate to include in an update of A Habit of Shores should I venture again into those woods “lovely, dark and deep”; for instances, each one for wholeness perfectly chiseled—Jov Almero’s palindrome; Miro Capili’s “Monet’s Last Yellow”; F. Jordan Carnice’s “Relativities”; Albert B. Casuga’s “Graffiti: Five Lenten Poems”; Nolin Adrian de Pedro’s “caxton”; Vincent Dioquino’s “candescence”; Jan Brandon Dollente’s “When I say the sky opens its mouth”; Eva Gubat’s “A Telling of Loss”; Pauline Lacanilao’s “A Crowded Bus Stops Abruptly”; Christine V. Lao’s “Swatches”; R Torres Pandan’s “Remembering Our Future”; Trish Shishikura’s “The Manner of Living”; Jaime Oscar M. Salazar’s “Clinch”; Arlene Yandug’s “Aporia.”’ 

Familiar (and respected) names are all over the place. If one of the master poets mentions my work in a note such as this, then I think it is worth saying the simple citation is rewarding. Thank you.

[ click here to view the journal in PDF ]

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