Tuesday, December 11, 2012

poem in slate 2013

I almost forgot about this until someone gave me the heads up. My poem “Poetry as a Lesson in History” is one of the literary works published in the Slate 2013 Planner.

As stated in their official website, “the Slate Planner exhibits more stunning visual creations by local and international artists, both well-known and yet to be discovered. Be inspired by the works Kitkat Pecson, The Creative Dork, Vincent Raphael Aseo, JR Bumanglag, and Singaporean artist, Eeshaun. Aside from visual pieces, 2013 also features stirring literary works from local talents.”

Wow. Stirring. That’s a catchy adjective. So visit your nearest bookstore and grab a copy now. (Um, actually, you don’t grab. You ought to buy one).

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