Wednesday, January 07, 2015

to be resolved

I am bad at resolutions. I believe no one’s good at it—at all—yet every start of the New Year it is full of it. A friend once mentioned he is just glad to have a universally approved day wherein anyone can start all over again. It sounded familiar. I had my reset early last year, and so far, things are rolling just fine. So in 2015, I’m giving these resolutions another shot just to keep me posted on my degree of procrastination and what needs to be done, what needs to be resolved. (This list won’t be absolute though and would change time to time without prior notice).

  • Exercise at least 3x a week (I am busy).
  • Go back to jogging and rehabilitation of my feet.
  • Be more wary of what I eat (Read: limit my intake of chocolates).
  • Continue to minimize intake of alcohol (I actually had neither beer nor rhum in the past six months).
  • Not drink soda (but I need my iced tea and pineapple juice).
  • Visit the doctor regularly.
  • Read at least one book each month.
  • Finish a painting each quarter of the year.
  • Immediately fold the laundry once it is all dry.
  • Learn how to drive a car (I can drive but not in the streets yet—but soon I have to). 
  • Not miss a night using the toner and the moisturizer before bed.
  • Not miss a week exfoliating (I have reached a certain age, thank you).
  • Not spend too much on something that is not urgently needed.
  • Remind myself that not all people is worthy of my time and kindness.
  • Remind myself that I don’t have to feel that way when I feel down.
  • Be good at this new endeavor and then be better. 
  • Do my best on whatever I’d be doing.
  • Discover and listen to old music I have never heard.
  • Wear shades even when the sun’s not out (too much squinting brings out the crow’s feet early).
  • Not post any negative entries on Facebook (I save them for Twitter, my thought-dump).
  • Not raise my voice that often (Sometimes I do need to make a point).
  • Send postcards to friends.
  • Write at least one draft of poetry and finish another one in a month.
  • Write at least a draft of fiction each quarter of the year (I am making it realistic).
  • Write at least one entry in the journal each day no matter how mundane (“I had hotdogs for dinner”), random (“I made a paper boat”), and pointless (“Is it just me or are all the gays I know starting to have the same gay haircut?”) it is to someone with a better journal entry.
  • Keep this blog updated and somehow relevant (because in the last two years this blog was a ghost town).
  • Clean and dust the shoes every other week.
  • Be content more often.
  • Be more grateful that I still know how to keep still and appreciate the silence.
  • Be more honest.
  • Be more careful with my things and with my heart (figuratively and literally).
  • Cherish the people who truly matter.

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