Wednesday, October 25, 2006

after the break?

Only two weeks are provided for us to breathe free from campus stuff before we would be receiving our acidic grades? It is not enough!

The first few days of the first fresh week of my not-waking-up-at-six-in-the-morning was just pure warm up for me to get ready on a number of activities I planned to deal with for the following week. Oops. Activities? Nope, not the boring kind, it's more on the enjoyable counterpart.

And now that I had just done something great this day (our campaign was so unforgettable), I just realized minutes were running so fast -- enrolment season is approaching! Bullfrogs, I should have Hermione's Time Turner!

Huhu. I can't believe it. So in order to relieve and comfort my mind from any pressures in the coming semester, I am thinking that after this break, we will all be seeing once again in the campus...

smiles on our faces and ideas for the weekends.

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