Tuesday, November 28, 2006

dark horse

It grazes the field
like silenced steps
at the full of the moon
on a disregarded
ground that creates
small clouds of dirt.

It is among the herd
of common likes
representing a kind
of a cloven hoof mark
on the moistened soil,
on sharp streaks of grass.

It must have been
a thought that this horse
is as dark as its desires
but it is actually
as black as its

It halts in a moment,
then moves
all of a sudden
as if the mocking wind
had told the creature
to run away as fast as it could.

It is misunderstood
like an unwanted
browning leaf
trying to share
its color on the
lush sprawling greens.

It does not wait
for anyone to call
its attention for the
rest are brazenly foal
and the denouement,
it just won a race.


anna katrina said...

ooh... yours? nice. :D

jordan said...

yup. all poems posted here are all my compositions. :)