Saturday, November 25, 2006

into the blogosphere

It started with someone’s personal record of online websites he had visited—a mere list. It was boring.

Envisioned as an “online diary community” by Andrew Smales, a 29-year-old computer programmer in Toronto, Canada, he made his very own efficient and user-friendly software.

Then, a person in the name of John Barger, an American high school valedictorian who seriously specialized in math and science, first coined the term “weblog” (from the term “wee blog”). He made the first do-it-yourself “Pitas” blog tool in July 1999 after years of hardworking deliberations. At the moment, blog tool services are offered freely such as Live Journal, Word Press, Xanga, and Blogger of Pyra Labs, which is now under Google.

Blogging has now become a global phenomenon.

Truly, blogging is the hottest fad in cyberspace, presently taking the limelight over emails and chat rooms. Numerous innovations continually sprout each year from linking with other networking sites to CSS, with the sky as the limit. And to give some small samplings, here are some blogsite recommendations which you might find interesting.

Firstly, to treat the creative side of every artist, here’s a blog to satisfy their panache—Drawn! Yup, drawn! The site is for anybody who loves to draw. A multi-author blog purely devoted to paintings, various illustrations, and drawings, the blog aims to “inspire creativity by sharing links and resources [art].” Even if you’re not a Pablo Picasso or a Malang, you’ll surely enjoy checking or even contributing to those posted works.

For photography enthusiasts, Jake Verzosa’s blog, the Joyride, gives us a glimpse of a frustrated guitarist who now carries a camera. Featuring pictures of the miscellaneous category, this blog shows not only the stern-and-crisp side of photography, but also those simple scenes our inattentive eyes always manage to let pass.

Going for something less museum-y, there’s Jonas Diego’s The Blurb! He’s a close buddy of komiks genius Gerry Alanguilan (Wasted and the Elmer series), and he handles the Philippine Operations of Interactive Art Services. In his blog, there are some comic strip excerpts for all.

Nature lovers will become fascinated with this Greenpeace environmental blog. Check for the latest happenings onboard M/Y Esperanza as it goes around the world fighting pollution.

And for the literati group, a number of blogs can be enjoyed just like Dean Alfar’s Notes from the Peanut Gallery. A blog geared mostly for his literature rant-ons, occasional wandering thoughts, and tasks towards his “litcritters,” you’ll enjoy not only the posts but also its corresponding violent and colourful reactions.

Inside PCIJ gives you the heat. This blog explodes with the important issues from journalist killings to minimizing alcoholism among the youth, or tracing the roots of land reform in the Philippines, and the punching fists of Pacqiuao! Now you could know what gets into the head of a journalist!

If cooking is your flair, this distinctive Pinoy Cook blog offers a number of cooking tips, techniques, and sumptuous recipes that you can whip up. Handled by Connie Veneracion, she stated in her site that “this blog is about the meals I cook for the family.” She was greatly influenced by her grandmother and her father who cook delicious Chinese dishes.

If the tunes forming the soundtracks of our every day aren’t enough, amble onto cyberspace and take a visit to Kristine and Luis are Listening. You find just about everything from the latest music trends to upcoming concerts in the country.

Want something of the vintage kind?
Nostalgia Manila is the best place to stumble into posts ranging from the Bataan power plant, vintage Nora Aunor movie posters, Voltes 5 end credits, and even to the forgotten wonders of PLDT’s Rotary Phone!

Techthisout is for those gadget-loving, game-playing members of our generation. If you’re one of the techies, explore this blog.

There’s also a blog for us who are interested in learning more about our very own country, the Filipino Librarian. This blog which is produced by a Filipino for the Filipinos, is as entertaining as it is informative.

And fittingly enough, we end with something close to home. Go to the blog para sa mga bisdak! Bisaya Bloggers is another networking site which also focuses on events, tourist attractions, and anything about the Visayas and Mindanao regions.


balikbayan_box said...

Daghang salamat sa pag suwat about Bisaya Bloggers!!!

jordan said...

you're welcome. maayo kay nakakita ko aning blog nimo... its a good venue for any bisaya to share his or her thoughts.