Friday, November 03, 2006

enroll now, school later!

Recovering from a traumatizing discovery last week (which is founding out that our backyard’s resident weeds are taller than me), and as if everything that I would be discovering is upgrading its intensity by the minute, I pack my things up, go back to Dum Dum, and settle things that are as important as my toothbrush.

About two hours of sitting in vain in a fastcraft may have sterilized my mind for a big pile of dirt that I am going to plunge on the following hour. Upon reaching the pristine(?) and beautiful(?) pier of Dum Dum, hah, energy level is at its highest peak – zooms towards the boarding house then zooms back in the campus. I should have been the perfect endorser of Lipovitan when I receive the most terrifying subject grade in my course-major’s life! Bogs. My energy plummeted down to the nth point. Looking at the bright side, at the least I did not fail.

But the fact remains that it is below sea-level in my personal criteria, I stay as jolly as Jollibee at lunch time.

Before even hearing more morbid news, I warm myself up by taking a peek on my past test papers pasted in my shriveled notebook while munching a piece of beef steak that should make me happy. Yeah, that Big Bee kept on reminding us “Bee Happy” so they should have put on a Happy Potion on that meal to make their adage more empathetic and believable – but nothing happens; same mood and worse, same grade.

If I could just roar (okay, okay… croak) in someone’s face for the root of this bad fate, I did it right after receiving those silly numbers! But as always, humility pulls me down that voids me from doing more stupid actions. Then forcing myself to be more optimistic, I let out a sigh and breathe deeply, “I’m enrolled.”

Today I am only thinking of the perfect date of going back in Dum Dum since I will be going home later. Hmmm…. I don’t know! Let time kill itself – I have more important dealings than thinking of when should I be entering a classroom. Hah, till here. Let us enjoy the remaining days of our break; enroll now, school later, and go to the beach!


Anonymous said...

observation: you see patient people flare up during enrollment periods...noh?

jordan said...

yup... i have seen a lot. i was even on the brink of exploding but i kept my horses down... including my roaring voice!

Anonymous said...

or shall i say "Croaking voice"? hehe

jordan said...

ribit. ribit.