Friday, November 03, 2006

the pain in campaign

Poof! I was back into reality after a six hour sleep. I was irritated by the fact that in these days where words spoken are not enough to persuade the woolliest-headed guy in town and where God-given looks has measly influence to the cold blooded lady on the last row of seat, I was once again back into my responsibility of living up to my position – doing the best as I can do; showing the “little ones” what is done, how it is done, and why should it be done. And I think I did the whole thing poorly.

I must warn you, sentences ahead are directly proven by my very pessimistic self as objectively compulsive; it brings blood from your insides gushing out your nose. Now that you are in this part, do the thinking fast and decide!

Glossy brochures, biased posters, pastel colored flyers that rival the Teletubbies, bookmarks that are thought to be stickers, and a thick stash of application forms, we were all set to campaign. Minus the cheesy oratorical speeches that harmonized upbeat song numbers along gyrating sexy ladies on a caravan, we went from this school to that school like we had just simply strolled in a mall.

Little do most people know that given the task to discuss something that I have just recently been in part of, I openly say I was not that effective in throwing out testimonies in front of a crowd – the crowd. Yeah, the crowd might only have numbered from 30 to 80 but they were still plenty (there’s no point knowing what crowd it is). I may have lurked in some corners that only a few have tread on and that made my Experience Level abruptly upgraded to a certain height, but I admit I have this feeling that always irked my tongue to shrink in shame whenever the Need of Boast comes. Was it just a result of humility or I really had a problem with myself?

Ever since, I can never escape the pain in the essence of campaign. If I may suggest, all dictionary-makers-council or whatever they are called should re-spell that silly word Campaign into Campain! Remove the “G” and let the fresh references go on printing and distribute them worldwide as soon as possible!

Tradition? Yeah, yeah… we were all excited to continue this tradition and blurb out anything we wanted to say (but still with precautionary standards). There were even no thoughts of switching on to my Tremendously Bastard Mode at that moment for everyone’s safety, but there were times I didn’t speak what I already had in mind in the previous case. It was either I hate to deliver my “piece” or the “piece” did not want to be delivered. Looking back into these dates, October 23 until October 27, it seemed that we had a long long activity – nonstop. But what was indeed indelible in those days were the time spent out of nothing: laughing hard till our faces got hurt, sharing of stories randomly, and planning what should happen after the break. Well, those were good indeed; at the least it suppressed the pain.

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