Monday, December 18, 2006

what's next with sandals, shirts and etc?

Currently dazed after shockingly given what I wanted (well, just those simple earthly things) way before December has been sticking up in people’s minds, now my mindset is slowly shifting to another higher gear. And that is to achieve the goal of claiming these childish delights I am looting for—in my dreams.

1. Books, books, and more books of literature; both Filipino and foreign
2. The latest MacBook of
Nintendo Wii (Xbox 360 and PlayStation Three are overly hyped)
Lincoln Navigator 2007 (spacious vehicles are the ones I loved the most)
Guess Apparel (hey... 30" waist, size S for shirts)
Levi's denim messenger bag (looks really great, especially the red one)
Lacoste pair of shoes [salivating]
United Colors of Benetton Cold perfume (the site indirectly says its unisex, my brother says it's great)
9. One large painting each from
Mauro Malang and Ang Kiukok
10. At least a cum laude degree on the course I am taking (forever enclosed in Dream Treasure Trove)

Okay, go ahead. Give me the punch. Hey, that list may have made me look and feel like I am an arrogant, hypocrite bullfrog but as what I have mentioned earlier, this list is a Dream List.

Hello, dream?

And don’t be surprised the next time you see this list, another item is added. You know, things change constantly. So as my taste.


Anonymous said...

haha...just proves ur a human who craves for earthly treasures!

jordan said...

earthly treasures. hmmm... i am thinking of another terminology. that one sounds too carnal.