Saturday, December 16, 2006

a holiday breather from the weekly warfare

In mornings, afternoons, evenings, and even dawns (though seldom nowadays), we know that we have been collectively gathered in an obscure close and mutual bond that I never had expected to experience. And that I am thankful to be in part with, this Weekly Sillimanian staff of school year 2006-2007.

And now that the month of stressful November had finally flipped its page and give way for December on our calendar, let me have a time reviewing certain people and their inimitable character that they brought along in the office.

To avoid any biases, I am going to present everyone in any order. Because if I do it in an Authority Order, meaning who’s the most powerful of the group goes on top of the line, probably I can be found in a trash someday. And I think I’m going to regret that in my whole life, hah!

Oh, the glorious ED BOARD. Obviously, first of the line is Michelle Eve de Guzman. Give her the unnecessary kick when it comes to serious businesses and you’ll receive the necessary punch right at your face.

If that happens, Kimberly Daphne Gari is always there to catch any falling debris. Well, being the trusted back-up, it is not unexpected.

Anthony Gerard Odtohan is the most unique animal of the highest intelligence. Just take a visit in our office if you want some cooling down, for you know, in these days it is really hot outside.

Need a tune up? Micah Stefan Dagaerag is available, a faithful, reverent servant—to the board. Just be careful with his corny jokes, they are all on its literal level: corn.

To complete the inevitable Ed Board, here’s Claudine Lim. Being the Witch (or should I change “W” with “B”?) of Finance who is irate on the smallest trash she could spot on the floor, this girl is smooth on the outside and nutty in the inside.

Yeah, this is the part where I am really excited: THE UNION. Nope, this is not grouped to form an alliance against the Ed Board, we just eventually congregate together after finding out that we have a lot of common perceptions.

Janseven Rodolfo Quijote shakes every corner of the office when the place goes placid.

And there’s Donna Ametyst Bernardo to shut him up. These first two people should have represented the monarchs of the gang but they usually ended up overshadowed by a creature of some sort:

Marianne Catherine Tapales and her whatamouth! No need for lengthy talks here.

Trailing behind the mouth-in-human-outward-appearance is Rodrigo Bolivar ll, passionate in Pinoy literature, more passionate in ice-cold beer.

Joining the drinking bandwagon is the one and only John Boaz Lee. Wait, you should meet Alice by the way.

Also, who would forget the eternally updated Paul Vincent Gatdula? He may be just the person who took a big awful bite on Marianne, but he is truly wonderful!

Going gong gongs? Maybe you have just caught a flu that Joseph Vicente Bañares is responsible for. A friendly warning, he’s sick in mind and body(?) eight days a week. Yup, eight!

Add this guy and we will know what time of the day Kris Aquino is going to let trim her nails or comb her hair. Niño Jose Gonzales is a walking compendium about that lady.

Recently graduated are Jeruel Ian Mondarte and Claro Cagulada. The first person did the overall artistry of the paper and the other did the crisp-and-cool shots for the weekly job. Unfortunately, they go poof!

Well, there are some people of lesser evil and these are THE SUB-UNIONS. Particularly difficult to identify with on which side they are on, if either they’re on the mutants or the mortals, these bunch is still crazy in their own right.

Leading the pack, the ever lost boy wonder of the century and replacing the past title holder Dirgy, is John Steve Lancin. Still the same bitaw.

Outnumbering her lessons memorized with her ballpens that she always carry around, Marie Rochelle Bacay’s only grievance is that she always fall for the Animal Beat.

Freshest of us all are Pearl Angelie Rada, Sesinando Quilao Jr., Marvin Luther Tan, and Aiken Emmanuel Quipot. Though the last guy is geared for treading on the Union Affiliations, the latter have blurred future on encompassing the wills and virtues of The Union. Juowk!

And finally, the person who manages to cower us all is our patient adviser, Prof. Gina Fontejon-Bonior.

Just for kind consideration, there are a few beings who wander in our midst.
Robert Jed Malayang, Zara Marie Dy, Claudio Ramos II, Joyce Zerda, Springzeal Pherps Bacarro, Christy Ann Marie Cong, and Jan Alistair Villegas.

Razcel Salvarita, Anna Espino, Galee San Pedro, Lyde Villanueva, Claire, Candace, Das, Ray Donn, Verna, Ren Ren, Nonito, Denver, Noel, Easter and a lot more. Wait, let us not disregard Manong & Manang Newspaper.

Phew, that’s a myriad! Imagine, those people going in and coming out, the place for sure is one madhouse to be called home. But I am glad to tell you, the staff would go bland and berserk without these guys who add the needed spice.

Happy Bullfrogish Christmas everyone!


Anonymous said...

love nako!!!you do have a way with making EVERYBODY look adorable!!!hehe

Anonymous said...

and you can change "W" to "B"...*winks*

jordan said...

adorable? i did not intend to make it all cute and cuddly; i want to make us look like complete idiots! haha.

ianne said...

hoi jordan!!! nganu gamay ra ako description!!!! suon suon ka nako ha.. ako kay sem ender imu pod kay xmas... wahahah

jordan said...

mar, I kept on surveiling your posts but none of the said season-ender is visible so I started making my own.

the original one? Someone erased it. I made a new one when I got back home here. :)