Wednesday, February 21, 2007

setting the papers on fire

I would always like to see myself up there, taking a sheet of paper from the hand a person so influential and full of authority. And while walking down the flight of steps, the crowd would clap their hands out of delight and happiness and not because they are forced to.

And last February 16 and 20, I received a couple of papers to burn with and to warm up the balmy night that followed the ceremony. Nothing new; I still remained on the same level while my other mates enjoyed the pleasures of being front-in-line. It was factual but unrelentingly painful.

Anyways, we received the same papers without the same printed words. And now it is time to burn the papers with passion.


Anonymous said...

hmmm...okay ra na as long as its not detrimental to the environment...hehe

jordan said...

I always care for the environment claud. Don't worry!

utakGAGO said...

Others being front-in-line.

Sometimes, life's so unfair. But, well - lahat naman ng tao ganyan ang tingin sa buhay.

:D Daan.

jordan said...

yeah, that's life. thanks for commenting by the way.