Friday, February 16, 2007

vessels of love

It is the month of February and obviously red will be splashed all across business establishments, shirts, and even food! Aside from the overly rated color, couples stick together and flaunt to all people who are deprived of being bitten by the love bug; smooching and caressing for the world to see how loved each other are.

People will express, distress, and exhaust passiveness in this occasion—and I choose the latter. There’s nothing wrong with it anyway, as long as the mind, body, and soul is intact, my day should go on.

Yet, this said occasion I did not mind in totality of course. In lieu with the month of hearts, Silliman University Campus Ambassadors together with the Weekly Sillimanian organized a camera-photo competition with the theme: “Sillimanians: Vessels of Love.”

Out of absolute boredom—fortunately with a new phone at hand—we went to Quezon Park in the last weekend of January and there I found the perfect subject for my photo.

And in the following weeks, the winner is announced, published in February 14 issue of the Weekly Sillimanian.

I won! Not that the competition had great prizes in store for me but, huh, I won!

Rodrigo insisted that he took this picture—nah, it is me Dirgy! It’s mine! Ha ha ha. And by the way Claudine, where are my rewards?

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