Thursday, March 15, 2007

some things about backs

Dark Blue Southern Seas
The Sillimanian Magazine is back into works after a two-year (or so) absence in the literary scene of the university -- and even the country.
With Rodrigo Bolivar II as the Editor-in-chief, Michelle Eve de Guzman as the Prose Editor, Marianne Catherine Tapales as the Poetry Editor, and I as the Graphic Editor, we just perpetually hope that this comeback would materialize before the students and the faculty will be going home for summer.
It was hard but fun making this magazine. With the special help of this mysterious Isagani Morales (hehe...), our "little baby" is worth lending your eyes and mind into its pages.
The magazine's title too is great! Made my stomach ache when I first heard it (wink!).

* * *

Turning Back
I knew there was turning back on her decision. She dreamed for it but also hesitant and at seven o'clock this morning, memories began to haze in my mind.
In silence. In solitude.

* * *


That's how the wheel turns. That person must face it. All I see was the "back," or am I just seeing things? Or maybe I am blind... Bullfrogs! Bullshit.


lyde said...

That’s life... we just have to move on (i can't believe this came from me)...this isn't goodbye after all...we'll still be seeing her in a year...

puklo said...

i'm from kidapawan city.. :-)

jordan said...

i know lyde.

we are just in the post-depression stage... this will just eventually pass away.

ianne said...

jordan oi... ur making me cry...

anyweい, oist, ka.tugnaw diri... shuset. padad.e ko nin.u jacket!!!! heheheh