Friday, March 16, 2007

instant haiku

n order to stretch out my time this coming weekend (specifically Saturday) and avoid conflicting schedules, I, together with Raissa Matunog and Mario Trinidad Jr., had decided an hour ago that we shall take our final exams in World Literature ahead of the rest.

In about 30 minutes, we finished it.

What was interesting in our exam was that we were to write a haiku; being the last part of the test. Wow, this would be my first time to write a haiku! And as if everything had thrilled me, the final line of the instruction stated was more eye-catching: "...write a haiku about a frog."

How coincidental -- a frog. Of all the creatures in the world... Well, here is my haiku entitled "The Amphibian."

On pads of lilies,
subtle serenity lies
when croaks bid goodbyes.

Though I must admit that the final line of this haiku made me relate to my elementary writing compositions, at the very least it amused me to read something about a frog.



Anonymous said...

hmm...and how exactly do frogs say goodbye?

jordan said...

through silence?