Saturday, March 24, 2007

critiquing ourselves

Because of an unexpected turn of events that happened between March 23 and 24, we had our very first LitCritter meeting this morning without Sir Ian.

It should supposedly be a special meeting to me since it will be the first time my very first LitCritter Original short story will be criticized by my fellow LitCritters and the moderator. Anyways, I think it was still special, but it would be better if we can hear the sharp comments and suggestions of Sir Ian.

Sir was actually doing some works with MetroPost and he cannot handle two priorities at once, so we all decided to critique ourselves (with Sir's permission) and we had Dirgy, the authoritarian-like patriarch, as the moderator. Here are our original stories...

Almost A Love Story by Robert Jed Malayang

Like A Broken Record by Rodrigo Bolivar II

The Letter by Anthony Gerard Odtohan

The Wanderers by Michelle Eve de Guzman

Leprechaun's Request by Lyde Gerard Sison-Villanueva

Until Today by Marianne Catherine Tapales

Sir Ian Rosales Casocot, LitCritters Dumaguete moderator

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