Monday, March 26, 2007

of stirring up or slumbering down

I intended to sleep late last night and wake up late this morning. I failed.

Well, the former intention I was partly successful, but I think 12:30am was not that late (I went up to 5am recently as far as I can remember) so undeniably I failed still.

I do not know but there is always this kind of feeling between stirring a bit then waking up and pinning yourself in bed forever, playing with the sheet of your bed until it decided of leaving you, sprawling on the floor. The subconscious act of deciding is very complex: wake up or not? And that feeling is the most enigmatic; imagine you are in a slumber but you are in the verge of thinking in the world of your dream realms or most probably in the “post rapid eye movement” stage!

Sheesh. The mind is indeed fascinating. And maybe I will be one of those people who can’t attest to this quote from Grimmy, the manic dog and main character of
Mike Peter’s Mother Goose and Grimm comic strips:

“The mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

So before pondering of doing something else that may lead to mind desecration, why not sleep and enjoy the ephemeral task of choosing to wake up or not?

If you wake up, good. If you don’t, you’re probably a ghost reading this.

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