Tuesday, March 27, 2007

three more days

Three more days and I’ll go beyond the assurance of being a young adult. Three more days and that’s all I’ve got to go on a bender of myself into certain matters a mischievous inhabitant of this overcrowded world can excellently and mundanely do.

Excellently do? Wait. Let us review what I had actually done last school year; because that was one tumultuous year, occupying my days as an eighteen year old man-boy.

External Vice President, Kadugong Bol-anon Organization
P.R.O., Silliman Guild of Artists
Member, English Society
Feature Writer, The Weekly Sillimanian
Graphics Editor, The Sillimanian Magazine
Competitions, I can’t exactly remember those activities I had participated

And as a sophomore who majored in a course that requires the mind to be up-to-date with the freshest imagination available (hmm, should they be canned and sold in the market someday?) and at the same time a hand that is skilled and capable of working to its full extent, let us see what have I shaken out from my crusty nutshell.

Getting High with Kamikazee, tWS article
Music to Our Ears, tWS article
You’ve Got to Know Vito, tWS article
Myths of the Maligned Dorm Food, tWS article
Sunday Destinations: To Church or Not to Church, tWS article
Waiting in Vain… for thy Late Teacher,
tWS article (unpublished)
Flying Ants, Crawling Birds, tWS article
Diamonds in the Silliman Rough, tWS article
Behind the Humor, tWS article
One Hundred Years of Music Might Indeed, tWS article
Outstanding Sillimanian Awardees, tWS article
Under Blood Red Skies, tWS article
My Turn: Bullfrogish Unions, tWS column
Legacies of Giving, tWS article
Not Just Fairy Dust, tWS article
Ask Cloudy and Jordie, tWS column (lampoon)
Elevator’s Back Alright,
tWS article (lampoon)
Here’s To You Word Nerd!, tWS article
Into the Blogosphere, tWS article
Laughter Still the Best Medicine, tWS article
On the Court, the Track, the Beach?, tWS article
Calling All Christmas Couch Potatoes, tWS article
What Amazed You the Most, tWS article
Sole Survivors, tWS article
Where Have All the Brocka’s and Bernal’s Gone?, tWS article
Kill the Bill, tWS article
Tiempo: Portrait of an Artist, tWS article
Losing the Fairytale Touch?, tWS article
The VSC and Beyond, tWS article
Strings of Unity, tWS article
Triptych: Grasps on Greens, artwork
Donito and Faura,
Flight and Fishes, artwork
Bloodline, artwork
On Behalf of a Lady and a Man,
In Between, artwork
Saved, artwork
The Growth, artwork
Imperfect Sphere, artwork
Weaving with Language, artwork
Asphalt, poem
The Young Seed,
Tin Can Tautologies, poem
She Will, She Would, poem
White Window Curtain, poem
Dark Horse, poem
On Page Twenty One,
Eating Christmas,
Downers, poem
Burning Bush on Moistened Soil, poem
Heart, poem
An Act,
The Amphibian, poem
Mabalahibong Huwebes from Isang Rebelasyon sa Isang Linggong Rebolusyon, short story
Donito and a Bird Named Faura, short story
Waiting Days and Story Nights, short story
Chopsuey Dish, short story

And that’s that. Perfect, one may say. It was like I had accomplished sufficiently… but actually its not. And perfect must not be the word. Imperfect that is! For what I have done just proves that there are those that I have not done that I should I have done.
(Redundancy is clarity so don’t mind the excess usage of the same word.)

Let me share this quotation from Matthew Arnold, an English poet and a cultural critic, who once said that
“the great aim of culture is the aim of setting ourselves to ascertain what perfection is and how to make it prevail.” *

Exactly. And three more days and maybe I may as well get out of the comfort zone and be more let’s say put a capital on my own capabilities – before everything will turn out to be a waste.

If my fedrins—as what the majority likes to call them—have this mission to fulfill that they should have a book published before they turn 20, I think I should start having mine too.

* Realization realized.

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