Friday, March 30, 2007


Now in my hometown, these are the “hits” that started my summer in an extraordinary way—and truthfully they both gave me a smile and a frown on my aging face. And please baby, don’t hit me one more time! I had enough.


HIT 1: Upon reaching our house in Calceta last Sunday afternoon, I found a small white lump in our garage. And suddenly it moved and went on yelping. I don’t know what’s with my brother but he called him Bubu, the three-month old unshaved poodle. Sir Ian, don’t worry, he is cute.

HIT 2: …and my nephew was bitten by the playful Bubu.

HIT 3: The hundreds of mosquitoes were so welcoming—they hugged, kissed, embraced, and sucked (the blood) me in my early stay at home, day and night.

HIT 4: We went to a fast-food chain last Wednesday with their mascot’s name exactly the same with a certain chocolate milk brand. We bought a bucket meal, dined in, and left. The thing is we left not minding the three-or-four large pieces of spicy chicken inside the bucket. What a waste.

HIT 5: Fresh from London, my other nephew (I have lots of nephews) and sister-in-law finally arrived. My, I can’t wait with the sweets they hide in those luggages.

HIT 6: As what Donna Amethyst said to me lately, I am now on my legal-age! Now does this mean I can do logging? It isn’t illegal anymore since I’m nineteen, am I right? Yipee.

HIT 7: Room-exchanges happened in a blur, it was so confusing.

HIT 8: My cellphone network’s unlimited text service went into a zilch and I’m in the middle of nowhere!

HIT 9: What’s happening with the world—or should I say what’s happening with Tagbilaran? Every morning we can’t witness even a single drop of water in our faucets but then, by 1 o’clock at dawn, water gushes out in an instant. Is this another naughty action moved by the city’s running officials? Let me guess…

HIT 10: My mother has extremely long hair! Maybe I should hide the scissors in our house, they might spring into life and go radically chasing and cutting everything.

HIT 11: Still can’t recover the unconstrained internet connection right in the comfort of one's abode. Eye-strain and migraine, here I come!

HIT 12: And on this special day, my requirements for this one special workshop I am ambitiously eyeing for were finally submitted. Special delivery care of Lyde.


Grand Pirouettes said...

char pud ka!!!! kaarte... hehehe jsut dropping by!

jordan said...

huh, what's "maarte" there?