Thursday, March 29, 2007

the strange familiarity

of the images copulated
in the words you choose to weave
the sublime,
the mundane,
and, sometimes,
the carnal,
and offer it as essentials
of your becoming poetry.

pen colored

lily pads stripes

paper artwork

With your trembling hands,
you held the pen and doodled
stripes like colored shoelaces.
Then, you grabbed the camera,
took a picture of your artwork,
and gave it to the croaking frog
behind the lily pads.

* * *

This poem, The Strange Familiarity, is written by Lyde Gerard Sison-Villanueva, one of the brilliant young writers in campus who is a member of LitCritters Dumaguete (together with me, hehe). He dedicated this work of poetry for my 19th birthday.

Though some people say this kind of gift is trite and unoriginal, I proudly say this is one the best rewards I have had received so far.

Thanks Lyde! You're a good bullfrog!

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