Saturday, April 21, 2007

embracing the numbers game

Happy birthday to you..
happy birthday, happy birthday...
Happy birthday to you!

Today is April 21, 2007; the date of someone’s birthday I just eventually knew a while ago who have aged twenty-three years old by now. Honestly, I have never expected that person to be that, uhum, old.

This person was a bit worried for he still haven’t done anything exceptional (of which I don’t believe in), his plans of “doing this, that and all those bullshit” has not yet attained possibility, and most especially this irksome reality that he remains to be a student up to now. His frustrations can be considered absurd—but not totally.

As humans capable of feelings and logical thinking, falling into that situation is normal. We people are never content. I myself just turned a notch higher just last March, and I did blame the fast-moving numbers chasing after me—you know I want to do more things!

Frustrations will always be there but I explained that it is really not the whole thing. As if the momentous event of celebration had already gotten into him, he said that I (sensibly referring to the younger ones) should respect the elders. Talk about elders! So rebounded his statement; “the younger ones know some words the elders cannot spell!”

Well here’s a little fact about age: they are nothing but numbers. They are numbers that accompany us all throughout our lives; they can even live longer than we do. Our flesh may deteriorate but the count does not stop, for as long as someone remembers, could it be from a tad clichéd yellowing picture, age is still there.

It is a good thing this person acknowledged his stunted maturity after a series of light arguments. He humbly mentioned: “Rough seas make a good sailor.” And I added this to his familiar quote: “who in a matter of minutes will be drenched in coldwater.”

To momentarily escape from his agony, he forfeited any more debates then dozed off, and I went on to recount what we had just discussed and faced a mirror.

“Ow, what are those lines near me eyes? My, wrinkles…” I said to myself.

[ discussion was done through short messaging service ]

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