Tuesday, May 08, 2007

winner of the 2007 romeo forbes children's storywriting competition

In just a few weeks after its deadline, the results are in.

CANVAS or Center for Arts, New Ventures And Sustainable development, has finally revealed the grand winner of this year’s Romeo Forbes Children’s Storywriting Competition, both in their official
blog and website.

This year’s written works that exceeded expectations from the judges are surprisingly few, and actually there are only two chosen authors out of the hundred who submitted (including me!) compared to last year’s eight short stories.

Rex Abraham Rowald Almazar won the competition and beat Raissa Rivera Falgui in a very slight difference. All stories are inspired by a single untitled oil on canvas artwork painted by John Santos III.

To read the stories, click the title of the work:

Si Lupito at ang Baryo Sirkero by Rowald Almazar

How Juan Tamad Learned to Work by Raissa Falgui

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