Thursday, May 10, 2007


As if my potency in every so-called skill that is in me has surge away from my knowing, all that I am left with is the strength in, what else but, lazing around.

What I had been trying to do since time immemorial (circa summer 2007) was read, read, and read some more. I’ve read 5 novels by now and still counting. I am not saying that this is not productive, since you get to comprehend and enrich your vocabulary, yet what I am looting for this summer is to move around and around my hometown and this province as whole like never before.

The grave thing is I have no one to spend my time with (aww). Everyone seems to be busy even in this season of re-lax-a-tion and f-u-n. Summer class, extra jobs, and even campaigning—what the...!

So here I am, slumbering with a book for the rest of the day until the blue gives way to indigo-black in covering the skies.


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