Wednesday, May 16, 2007

impact of the world

I just had blood for lunch; my very own blood to be exact.

One will always have a special childhood memory of going to the dentist’s clinic and sit upon the Chair—waiting and gleaming in its sterile wonder. You obviously know how this frightened us out of our senses when we we’re little rascals.

But just this morning, my childish nightmares of meeting the dentist were rushing, vivid and grotesque images, back into my mind. Because what I had just gotten through was no simple root canal extraction but, rather, an Impacted Wisdom Tooth Removal.

Sounds groundbreaking? It is.

Posted in the website of My New Smile, my case is this: “[when] there is not enough room for them [teeth] to erupt into the arch normally, they attempt to come in sideways or have other similar difficulties. They then become impacted, that is, impeded from normal eruption.”

If left untreated, “risk factor for problems such as tooth abscess, cyst formation, damage to adjacent teeth, or any life-threatening infections that can swell that could close off your breathing or can spread to your brain” may happen.

To have a clearer picture of how it looks like, I think this picture could help:

As of the moment my whole face felt like they have been banged on a concrete wall for several times, and much more the throbbing pain increases as the anesthesia’s powers are ebbing away.

My dentist mentioned that my third molar (or commonly known as Wisdom Tooth) was undeniably bigger than the usual size, which explained her vast effort in extracting the tooth. Imagine, she even needed help to hold steady my jaw while she pulled, pulled, pulled, and then pulled some more to greater extent.

I thought the pulling never stopped, with the words “Lord, Lord, Lord…” repeatedly chanting in my head and numerous anesthesia shots numbly stinging my mouth. With a rare move, the dentist decided on breaking the tooth for an easier removal—if which she was successful.

The session started from 10:35AM and ended at 12:15PM, which made the other waiting patients silently anxious (but they projected their cheesy smile when I got up from the Chair). Basically, the process almost took us 3 long hours.

And the pain won’t stop in disturbing my preferred lifestyle! Spitting on an ebony white sink, swirls of red streams endlessly appears; you can just envision a cherry and cream candy.

Tonight, stale blood for dinner is the least thing I am looting for. Oh God, heal thy wound in haste.


hoolyana said...

I absolutely, absolutely, absolutely HATE dentists. They scare me!

I visited my new dentist last Saturday. I hated that visit. She had to fill in three holes and I had to lie on that seat for 30 minutes (which actually seemed like an ETERNITY for me). I cried. I cried because I was scared. I cried because she held a syringe (I thought she was going to inject something; it was only medicine DAW). I cried because I hated the sound of those drills. I cried because I hated every single bit of it.

She said I badly need braces. AYOKO. Sharp objects and dentists, when put together, mean HELL.

I fear them. REALLY.

jordan said...

haha! i had my braces 2 weeks ago... and just this morning, a wisdom tooth extraction. [ouch!]

if "30 minutes" is equal to Eternity, what about 2 to 3 hours?

hehe... pain. pain. pain.

ianne said...

huhuhu... nalooi ko nimo jordz... huhu... you know jud how i hate doctors, including dentists, and blood... huhuhuhu afraid jud ko ana nila...

lateralus said...

Dont you just love it?! I had 2 of mine removed (at the same time-different sides) two years ago. I still have the teeth! haha

jordan said...

ianne: yeah, I know how you hate those "kind" of people. And by the way, pity doesn't help, what I need is bucks for the dentist! hehe.

lateralus: love it? maybe I'll appreciate the wonders after two years! haha. too bad I was not able to keep the tooth, for my dentist broke it into pieces. Hmmm, shards of bones dangling on a bracelet might be fashionable though.