Thursday, May 17, 2007


Aging is never a disease that cripples one down to his knees.

Last April 3, 2007 four kittens were born, and I had written a
post about it, but then on the following day the four became two.

And now, seeing the remaining two springing kittens in our kitchen remind me that no single human being is capable of an instant getaway of getting old, unless you decide of cutting your life short.

As days continue to pass by, I like to call these mammals, now 7 weeks old, simply as “X” and “Y”. The two were having siesta on their favorite soft broom in this picture, literally looking like they were swept away.

I don’t know why I am calling them as such but it seems, as if the fates made me gravitate towards the calling, the letters “X” and “Y” create a deep impression inside me that is truly indelible.

The time we have spent with “X” and “Y” is one special time any machine couldn’t bring back. The two are leaving our dwelling due next month, someone is getting them. But we always know, distance is the twin of progress, change of perspectives is the lifelong companion of aging.

For sure, I will miss "X" and "Y".

I should let them go as I continue to age.



the philosphical bastard said...

there's always something dramatic about death and black and white pictures. which i dont think was the main focus of this post.

gosh, i'm so emo.

jordan said...
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jordan said...

yes you are... and too much of that thing shows ill mental comprehension and disturbance of one's intellect.

and by the way, black and white pictures show the simplicity of the subject, it's not always about death -- which is so irritatingly cliche.

meli said...

Nice kitties! It's always sad to say goodbye to kitties. You don't know me but I've stumbled on your interesting blog, and I'm tagging you for a meme! List 8 random facts about yourself, and then tag 8 more people. The full rules are on my Little Book Room blog - just follow the links through my username. Hope you'll join in. :)