Friday, May 25, 2007


Have you ever experienced a day when you intently wait for something to happen—which is supposed to happen—only to realize the happening go nowhere out of sight, gone into oblivion? I just did.

This may be one of the most mundane thing to “wait for something” in this era of extensive logical thinking but what I had just waited a while ago was for my stitch (in my recently operated wisdom tooth, as if it matters, euch) to be removed, only to discover that the thread was not already there. Gone. I am sure it’s there in the bowels of my being.

Argh. I’ve waited for about an hour in the clinic just for my dentist to recommend this in a two-minute talk: “Oh, the thread is gone. And gargle it up with Bactidol at home, okay?”

And so that was it. Now I have doubts on what
Lyde had quoted from my very own short story I let him read last week through text messaging:

“Waiting is never a stressful task nor is unproductive, as long as you are
willing to accept the end as it is, good or bad. Waiting is rewarding.”

-Waiting Days and Story Nights

Argh. That silly thread!


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