Sunday, June 10, 2007

frog meets frog part 2

1:25 in the morning (I have a flair for mentioning times) and I woke up to some undeniable movements near my feet. There was no mistaking too that the thing was cold.

The frog that attacked me last night was back again—with a vengeance. The thing just woke me up, which seemed like very irate at that time too, and I’m very sure it’s the same frog! Hiding desperately, I pulled the blanket away and there it came hopping for escape but, too bad, actually there’s no room for a break out.

Once again, I let him be. I went to my mum’s room and slept in there. And I cannot explain to you this phenomena of frogs getting in your bedrooms. It is just so engimatic. Ha ha!

Frogs are friends! Yeah!

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