Thursday, July 12, 2007

notes from the past's reign

Words spoken will be etched in our minds for a few days but words written will last forever if the papers are not burned.

And before anyone would do such an attempt, huh, too late: I am posting it here—and it will stay.

The art of writing has transcended its purpose, from anything literary and informative down to being mundane and even lucrative. And just yesterday, fresh from the grapevine, I myself witness a glossy hardbound logbook filled of yesterday's deep, dark, but funny secrets.

First, let's kick off with this little bad note.
And here are the notes that made me smile. I suggest you click on the photo for a clearer and larger picture so that you'll be able to read these astounding revelations.

Editorial Board of the Weekly Sillimanian, school year 2006 - 2007, watch out!

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