Saturday, August 18, 2007


Would the College of Arts and Sciences, now lead by only one contender unlike the usual two, gain back its sheen?

Would the College of Mass Communication finally break away from their Tradition of Almost Being There?

Would the College of Computer Sciences bag the crown?

Would the College of Engineering and Design hits all odds?

Would the College of Business Administration continue to reign the coveted title?

With this year's theme “Redefining Beauty and Strength” for Miss Silliman 2007, the real question will be: Is there really a need to redefine beauty and strength of a woman? Tonight, at the Claire McGill Luce Auditorium by 8 o'clock in the evening, will be the much-awaited Pre-pageant Night which showcases the beautiful candidates' talents. See you!

Yumi Ogumi (College of Arts and Sciences)

Graziella Corollo (College of Mass Communication)

Maria Bryne Catherine Marchan (College of Computer Sciences)

Sarah Jane Martin (College of Business Administration)

Jennifer Villanueva (College of Engineering and Design)


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