Saturday, August 18, 2007


Due to on-the-rush schedule for the Hibalag celebration and near-financial constraints, I and my fellow Litcritters managed to give this, as a gift, to birthday celebrant Ian Rosales Casocot.

Truth be told, I forgot what age “Sir Ian” celebrated yesterday at The Spanish Heritage by 6:30 in the evening. And sir’s mum, too, shares the same birth date! Well, at the least, the date August 17 managed to seep into my beleaguered mind for some future night of feasting (Libre! Libre!).

Someone told me last night that each picture in the gift represents a genre of fiction. Unfortunately, since I didn’t head the making of this glorious token (thanks to Mich and company! Hehe), I was not able to choose my preferred photo.

Now, guess who leads the fantastic field of horror. Hmm…?



ianne said...

kinsay horror? heheh

jordan said...

kinsa jud! that's the question!

ianne said...