Wednesday, April 16, 2008

a day of pure annoyance

1:00 am – Like a parasite, it never leaves that easy.

1:30 am – It’s all coming back. Argh!

8:00 am – What’s the definition of offend?

9:00 am – Mr. Cleonico Fontelo was not in his office at the Business and Finance (BF) building so I wandered to the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) and found him there. I rushed back to the BF and retrieved on his table the papers I needed.

10:00 am – Went to the OIP and talked with a secretary (‘mad). Sprinted again to the MPR and met someone along the way (‘pissed). The big boss talked and talked and everything changed (‘ultraelectromagnetically hyper-angry).

10:00 am – Dragged myself back to the BF and procrastinated in a bench when I discovered the secretary I was looking for was not around.

10:30 am – The world was against me. Very egocentric but true. Head Superhot.

11:30 am – Sent some messages to some people; erased some messages from other people, unread.

12:00 nn – Lunch at Chowking with Donna and Claudine. Well, some promises are meant to be broken.

1:00 pm – Cooled down at National Bookstore. Just got a relaxing feeling whenever I get myself surrounded with fresh, unopened books sitting daintly on their respective shelves.

1:30 pm – Hurried towards my place, dashed to the pier.

2:00 pm – Wait. Silence. Sea wind.

3:15 pm – Ocean Jet was at it again; late.

4:45 pm – Bohol welcomed me with open arms and was glad that I left that city. It’s just a hurting city.

5:00 pm – Typed this.

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