Friday, July 18, 2008

bleeding love

It is true. Not until I’ve met this girl yesterday that I am now healed. The pain has brought me so many nuisances that I have to face her. And thankfully, I did the right thing. Her touch has been a miracle; all those days of torment immediately vanish in minutes.

She has explained to me that soft deposits have formed on the surface of my teeth. Because of my braces that usually obstructs my “toothbrushing” sessions for proper cleaning, these deposits harden, become a calculus (not those found in your Mathematics textbook), and stick firmly in my teeth. Thanks to Dr. Myrine Lerio-Garupa, I’ve finally realized that I am experiencing mild gingivitis—which explains the eternal bleeding of my beloved gums. “It’s just normal for people who have braces,” she said with a smile.

Therefore, with that statement alone, I’m proud to say that this has happened to me not because I am unconcerned of my pearly whites but, rather, because of some awful relationship forming between my braces and calculus. To hell with calculus! That’s why I hate Math.


ness said...

i love this post.
and also because i hate math.
booo to math!

f. jordan said...

Thanks doctor! Wala na kasi ibang ma-post on this day. :D