Tuesday, July 22, 2008

that hair color-changing guy

Though the Dark Knight hasn’t swept off my feet yet, considering that the movie’s premiere here in Dumaguete seems ages to happen, I get the impression that I would forever love this film after reading countless positive reviews. And one more thing to watch for: I love the Joker—he’s my favorite villain of all time next to X-men’s Apocalypse.

But let’s face it; we just have too many Western comic characters popping in our movie screens. There is Hulk, Iron Man, and then Batman. It’s as if they’re readying to dominate humanity! But after a few website hopping an hour ago, an image has caught my attention that immediately brings back that memory. It is the memory of having played outside every Sunday when the sun sets that I have to get back into our house and watch my weekly dose of animé. It is one of those Japanese cartoon sagas that, save for the pop culture mania that I have gotten into, completes my day in its earlier viewing back then in RPN channel 9.

Does that photo look familiar? Yes, it is Dragonball Z. And it is coming to the theaters soon.


Mugen said...

Interesting. Parang trip kong i-blog to ah.

gillboard said...

i saw this film featured elsewhere.. i loved the cartoon before... but i'm finding it difficult to buy the idea of a movie about goku and his world.

i have high hopes though that this will be good. but i'm not expecting too much.

f. jordan said...

Mugen: Fan ka rin? hehe... childhood days.

Gillboard: Yeah, I love the cartoon show until it was repeated a thousand times over in another channel. It's just too much.

As for the movie, hmmm, maybe it would turn out just fine.
*fingers crossed.