Monday, October 27, 2008

goodness gracious!

Waaah! I’ve just sent my very first job application. I know it’s so much later than anyone else but who cares! I just did it, not of the impending need, but because boredom has finally drilled into my thinking cap. Yep, I do experience boredom once in a while. Well, so much for that. I’ve just sent my very first job application! Waaah!

Can’t help but scream, really (online lang po). Right now, I am mindlessly drifting between the imaginariums of glorious corporate skyscrapers and stinking unemployment bean bags. You know, it’s just hard to recover from this realization that I have to decide, to settle in one point or direction when all crossroads seem to suddenly materialize before you one day. It sure is hard… Well, pardon me but this needs one more scream: Waaah!


1 comment:

RJ said...

have you got any response? Good luck!