Wednesday, October 29, 2008

unfinished hits

Vacation is nearing its end and the plans in my to-do list didn’t ensue. They just remain, ermm, like plans! To think of it, I am provided with an almost 3-week holiday, a relatively longer sembreak compared to last school year’s (maybe to compensate the one-week break the university “offered” before), and I just remain here in my hometown, almost becoming a part of the PC for being to glued to it all the time. Well, aside from this, here’s some half-baked goodness that I’ve done for the past few days.

Hit 1: Tidying Up
My old wardrobe is just filled with clothes and various things I do not use anymore. I grab one piece after the other, trying to get more purging than hoarding. From empty perfume bottles, ancient documents, oversized shirts reminiscent of yesteryear’s trend to faded jeans, I pile them up in one tower and set it aside. I am overly relieved but when I see this closet beside my shelf full of books and digests, in different sizes and is not arranged in alphabetical manner, all happiness go down the drain. I’m working on you, bookshelf, next time! (Cue roaring thunder)

Hit 2: Sketches
Because I’ve planned to stage an art exhibition in the university this second semester, I’ve started doing some sketches every late afternoon. The heat is too much I can’t concentrate but when I start turning on the air-conditioner in my mum’s room and work in there, the coolness bothers me too. I don’t know, maybe it’s just not the right time for me to work on something artsy.

Hit 3: Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan
An acquaintance has suggested this book to me ages ago and when she has noticed that my attempts of buying the book is futile, she pulls from the bookshelf her personal copy and slaps it in front of my face (almost literally). I did enjoy reading the first few pages of it, some tales kind of leaning on the Marquez fantastical sensibilities, but then some things just get into your way. And the book is forgotten. Where is it, anyway?

Hit 4: The Epic of Staring
It’s actually a work in progress. I have started writing this poem many months ago. I am trying to submit it somewhere for possible publication. Yes, this is one my goals these days—to see even one bit of literary work in print. It is a bit longer than my usual works. Well, the title says its “epic” so it should be grander in scale. The gist? Umm, it’s hard telling what it is all about here. Let’s meet!

Hit 5: Revisions and Writing
There’s a script, a short story, and a bundle of poems. I’ve written these works last semester for my classes. And now, here comes the time that I have to face their inner demons. Yes, the flaws and all! I have even planned of writing another short story for LitCritters Dumaguete, you know, just to be ahead from the others (wink!). But my brain remains like a mechanical thing, non-responsive to my literary demands! This must be the reason why I just kept on staring at my poem mentioned before this last hit.

And in just a few hours, I'll be back in Dumaguete to finish some business.


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