Wednesday, November 05, 2008

he's a top!

I am not updated with the US elections in the past few days even though I face the television, the Internet, and the newspaper almost everyday. But upon entering KH 2 this morning I find my teacher watching CNN. Suddenly, I am immersed in this political entertainment. Maybe it's the drawing power of Dr. Dale Law's presence that whatever he focuses on that exact hour, I follow. And yes, entertainment. With all the hype and sugary speeches, I've never thought it's fun watching the happenings after all.

Hours ago, the news spread. Barack Obama wins the race. Like any unexplainable hindsight, I know he will win. And I'm just happy with the results for some unknown reasons. As what I've said earlier, it's unexplainable. Well, let's give him a pat on the back while he faces the economic depression of his country.


Fjordan Allego said...

Ako rin hindi updated pero inaasahan ko na na siya ang mananalo kaya nung biglang nag flood sa Twitter yung balitang siya nga ang nanalo, hindi na rin ako nagtaka..

gillboard said...

this post made me realize how this election has turned into something entertaining unlike the usual political... stuff.

From Obama vs Clinton to the whole Palin ordeal. Parang showbiz ang US politics. hehehe

f. jordan said...

Correct! Once it's on TV, it's entertainment. JOKE! hehe... Well, let's just hope Obama will do bring a better change not only to his country but to the whole wide universe! YEAH!