Monday, November 10, 2008

dark blue seas and some corals

It was not planned at all. Someone just got carried away after looking at old pictures on her new iPod Touch. Before going into a state of melancholia, she tipped everyone (well, almost everyone) to hit some sands and coral. So, after church, I grabbed some essentials, met everyone on one spot, and off we went to Santander Pebble Beach, Liloan, Cebu. I, Marianne, Donna, and June, were ready. As for Jake and Easter, they followed us after two hours of waiting for them.

That’s what you call spontaneous.

The beach was some sort of escape route for some of us who had been working at the Weekly Sillimanian for three years in a row. I’ve been there for three times raman pud. If we need the break, we set off to this place and unwind, swim against the current, lie on the pebbles (yes, there’s not much sand) like summer is coming the day after next. It’s just a matter of contentment, actually. And yesterday, we had that.


Fjordan Allego said...

wow! saya naman! pang unwind talaga!

f. jordan said...

Yep yep. Relaxing talaga. The bad thing is I didn't get the tan that I wanted so much.