Saturday, October 18, 2008

students going overboard

Yesterday, I wrote a post that was just the tip of the iceberg matter on how students are losing their interest in education. But when I stumbled upon Sir Ian’s blog post entitled Death Threats for Good Grades, I discovered that it was not only the interest that they were losing but their sanity, too.

To mash up Sir Ian’s concern into one short summary, students are now capable of giving death threats to their teachers in order to pass a certain subject. Also, just recently, a friend of mine from UP Diliman even told me that there’s this specific teacher whose office building is terrorized by bomb threats and the like. Gone now are the traditional backstabbing, the usual labeling that the teacher is but a hellish one, the puncturing of the car tires. This time, they can go further by giving teachers a P3,000 prize money on their heads. And what more, the said “pricing” was formulated by the students’ parents so as to end the cycle of getting their children schooled-dropped-schooled. They are using poverty as an excuse to mask incompetence.

The news slapped me so hard in the face. Could students really stoop this low? This shallow that studying is the most tasking thing to do in the world? This desperate that one’s life merely equals a cheap DVD player at the tiangge? If so, then the nation is indeed in a state of turmoil. Imagine, compromise is out of people’s vocabulary and hardwork is considered exaggeratedly true to its word!

As a Sillimanian who is talking about fellow Sillimanians gone overboard, this pains me so much knowing that our institution still has teachers who are excellent in their careers, who still succumb to the demands of having a thankless job. The department Sir Ian mentioned in his post is also my department that’s why this whole no non-sense word spill alarmed me.

As what I have commented in the said post, if these students want to pass college that easy, they should find an institution that equals a day-cay center! And the nerve—these students still have the guts to complain why they are repeatedly getting F’s (Fail) when they, to quote a line from Ian’s post, “submit a paper clearly copy-pasted from the Internet (including hyperlinks printed in blue)….” My jumping bullfrogs!

I know this is not only a case that’s brooding in Dumaguete City but a national one, or maybe, even worldwide. What I am only hoping for is that everyone’s hearing this silent noise, this usually disregarded fact that from desperation springs mentality going out of proportion. Times have changed and all that has been circulating could possibly happen. Something must be done.


Mugen said...

May favorite teacher ako noong high school. Nalaman ko kahapon na Principal na pala siya ng high school namin kaya naman binisita ko siya. Sa aming pagkwe-kwentuhan, nalaman ko yung mga stress na hinaharap niya araw-araw. Mga estudyante na nanakawan ng cellphone tuwing break; mga estudyante na naninira ng lockers para magnakaw ng libro na ibebenta sa recto; mga babaeng estudyante na kung kumilos ay daig pa ang isang pakawala. Those things...

Isang dekada na ang nakalipas noong nakagraduate ako sa paaralang iyon, pero kahit ang pinaka-siraulo sa amin, wala pa sa kalingkingan ng mga estudyante ngayon.

And the worse part is, these students are the ones dubbed "iskolar ng bayan."

Aiken said...

i had a plan before to kill a teacher pud. sayang wala nako na padayon. hehehe joke.

f. jordan said...

Mugen: That is really sad. The world is really going crazy.

Aiken: Oh, thanks for that information... Police! Police! where art thou?