Friday, November 28, 2008


Yesterday I decorated our garden with three sets of Christmas lights and when night time came I didn’t bother turning them on for me to see the beauty of my handiwork. But just minutes ago I remembered and, with my mother, initiated the presentation of the grand design. I was delighted with what I saw and thought of having them on for the rest of the night but my mother blurted: “Inig December 20 ra ta mag-lights para walay manaygon nato karon.” She went back inside the house and shrugged off with a smile.

In English, this is what she said: “Let’s just light them up on December 20 so no carolers would approach us today.” Well, a peso has its worth you know considering the water bill that I saw just this morning.



Mugen said...

When the carolers stop singing outside your gates, you will long for their songs.

Wala na nagka-caroling sa amin eh.

gillboard said...

just like mugen said... what you can do though, is turn it on, and just ignore the carolers... hehehe

yeah, I'm a grinch.