Thursday, November 27, 2008

me envy

Because I was in Dumaguete and they were in Manila.

These are my fellow katsubongs of the Dumaguete Workshop where they had a short photo-op after watching the play by mental Joshua Lim So (or Tokwa to me) entitled “Portraits.” To quote him on what it is all about: “...tungkol sa dalawang dating magkaibigan na nagkita muli sa isang gallery, pitong taon nang nakalipas.” His Palanca-winning script was staged at Greenbelt Onstage last October 17. Yeah, yeah, the play’s done long ago but I just saw this picture right now.

Bullfrogs! Greenbelt na si Tokwa ha! Imagine that feelerette katsubong muncher! Hahaha… Carmellang Buhay ang Buhok, Liza con Cherie Pie, Margie with the Stiff Neck, Dustin the Drunkard, and Lawrence the Banana Man! Yay, I miss you guys!



Mugen said...

You will have your own times. Who knows, maybe next year or the following year, ikaw naman. :P

f. jordan said...

Well, let's just see. Right now, I've got to focus on my thesis writing. Yay!