Saturday, April 25, 2009

still lives

Something got me into my toes. I never thought I will be busy, considering my absolute resolution of being a Handay-Handay Man this summer. My parents’ Ruby anniversary is inching its way to The Day. My task? Scour a mountain of photos. Instead of focusing my eyes on what were needed for the “surprise” project, I found these:

My baby picture. I think that's my brother’s toy.

The kindergarten class. I am easy to find here.

My love for cats will last until forever—even if I am diagnosed as asthmatic two months ago.

Mother’s graduation picture.

Father with the brusque James Dean machismo
and mother with the classic beauty of the early days.

The wedding day.

It is sad that quite a number of photos surrendered; some have molted, some have entirely lost what they’re trying to picture out. A pile, unfortunately, has to be thrown before it affects others that are way older than anyone’s prized hand-me-downs. Sayang, the memories.

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Krawi said...

ka-cuuuuuute nimo jordie!