Wednesday, April 22, 2009

your highness, happy birthday

Though anything I say hardly reaches to your hilltop home at Montemar in the meantime, and makes my heart ache for not being with you on your 90th birthday, I will still greet you with fervent admiration and love: Merry birthday, Mom Edith Tiempo!

I first saw her in the opening of the Silliman Writers Workshop, in the midmorning of May 5 last year. I remember even envying my co-fellow when her poem was being read by the literary great, no less. Obviously, I had no chance of having my poems read at that time since I was a fiction fellow. But by the 17th of May, every bits of thought on intimidation and aristocracy proved me wrong. As I approached her to have one of her works signed, she welcomed me with tenderness and care anyone who has recognized love would be familiar of. She even asked if I write poems. “I do,” answered and added, “but I am a fiction writer in this workshop.” She smiled and wrote something above her poem Sapiens Evolving. I was already content of seeing and talking with her that day but what made it entirely special was her message.

"For Jordan, How proud I am to have a writer who is Biblically approved."

She definitely still has that sense of humor. In behalf of the 47th writers workshop batch, we love you Mom!

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