Monday, July 06, 2009

yes, children

In my current days living with my sister’s children 24/7, it is not hard for some bits of their discussions to drift into my ears. But their talks are no mere silly talk, they’re something else. If every little child in the world is like the following kid, I am better off in another planet.

Mother: Why are you crying?
Son: My spider died. Josh’s spider killed my spider in the battle.
Mother: It’s like that. We have to accept that some things are better than yours.
Son: No, I don’t like to play anymore.
Mother: Let’s just find a better spider.
Son: No. I don’t like spider battle anymore. And Josh is bullying me.
Mother: That’s not right… But it’s alright to lose. We do not win at all times.
Son: If I will play spider battle, let’s buy a tarantula mum so that all Josh’s spider will lose.
(whoa, now the problem’s settled!)

o o o

Father: Someday we will be rich.
Son: If we will be very rich dad let’s give money to the poor.
Father: That’s a good idea!
Son: But I don’t like to be very rich dad because it makes people’s heads very big.
Father: Yes, you’re right. Very good!
Son: Let’s just be in the middle of rich… and very rich, dad.
(the kid’s got the right economics in his head)


Random Student said...

hmmm kids are aliens until they adapt sa society. i once asked my li'l nephew why (pointing towards the fire truck) the fire truck was not going anywhere, why it was just parked there. he said na wala daw kasing gasolina. I was hoping he'd say na wala kasing sunog.

f. jordan said...

Grabe naman, does your nephew sees a fire truck running around the streets frequently? But his logic na "wala ng gasolina" is timely; his knowledge on current issues is up-to-date. Hehe.