Monday, May 31, 2010


I have removed the cbox or chatbox in this blog because I could not stand any longer the advertising of products coming from Taiwan and other countries, regaling me with marketing extravaganza that won’t even work to men of the lowliest IQ’s. This is also a step to further minimize the visits of people who merely step in the site and comment in the box with a silly “Hey, nice blog, care to ex-links?” I have enough of that one too.


gillboard said...

did that a long time ago.. hehehe

irritating, yeah?

f. jordan said...

Irritating, much. I intended it as an on-the-rush message board for bloggers I knew, but it turned into a mini advertising spot of some seedy sites! Deletion was my last resort.

The Reviewer said...

Tinatablan ka rin pala n'un? Siguro nga after ignoring them for a long time, you reach your limit and do the inevitable. This is still your personal space after all.

kcatwoman said...

tama yan. if someone really wants to comment let them go to your comments.


Jepoi said...

Yeah man! That's why I don't have that in my blog... except when they click the Contact Me section which is actually a different address.

By the way, please update my link address. It's now

Thanks... and I hope you don't consider that as an ex-link request... hehehe... we did that already, long time ago. Heheeh

f. jordan said...

@The Reviewer: It finally got into my nerves.

@kcatwoman: True, true.

@Jepoi: HahaHa... Noted, Jeps.