Monday, September 13, 2010

dreaded dengue

I just recently knew that a niece of mine in my home province had dengue fever. Thankfully, she is all well right now. Though the ordeal has passed, I cannot ignore that this illness has reached its high point.

In my little research to learn more about the disease, I find in an article in The Philippine Star (5 September 2010) that “From January 1 to Aug. 21, the DOH recorded 62,503 cases, 88.8 percent higher than the 33,102 cases recorded in the same period last year. Death toll has reached 465 this year and 350 last year.”

That’s one alarming increase. Aedes aegypti, the kind of mosquito that carries the virus and transmits it to humans, is now widespread that all we can do right now is to prevent ourselves from any harm. The news report is enough precaution.

I don’t know when and where my niece gets the bite (mosquitoes breeding in flowers vases? rubber tires in the playground? roof gutters?) but I am certain that it is from a mosquito that has taken a bite from an ill person, someone who has dengue fever. It is an endless cycle.

For a little girl who has yet to see a lot of things, the experience is definitely not memorable. In fact, it is especially not for an acquaintance close to me: three members of her family are now admitted because of Dengue, in a row! That is why for everyone’s sake, here is a link on basic dengue information and ways to prevent it from propagating.

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