Tuesday, September 14, 2010

mario turns 25!

From a one-sided monochromatic cluster of pixels to a gravity-defying 3D plumber, Mario has indeed come a long, long way. Now 25 years old, the first true face of casual computer gaming shows no signs of slowing down.

Though I’ve never had the chance to play the recent Super Mario Galaxy 2 or Super Smash Bros. Brawl game in the Nintendo Wii (yeah, loser mii), I will still proclaim myself as a true Mario fan. Clearly, I can recall the first time I have laid my hands on the first Game Boy machine with a Super Mario Land cartridge years back, immediately immersed in a plethora of levels and power-ups, to save a princess from a toad. And Shigeru Miyamoto’s iconic theme music for the game still rings in my ears!

Even if I have encountered other interesting characters like Sonic the Hedgehog (SEGA), Crash Bandicoot (Playstation), Kirby and Wario (both from Nintendo), nothing beats the cheerful Italian plumber. The call “It’s a-me, Mario!” never fails to bring me back to that day in school wherein at the back of the classroom, far from the prying eyes of the teacher, I have to defeat Bowser with furrowed brows. (Children, I know, this is not a good example).

There’s more to come with the vast possibilities the Wii console has to offer for this undying franchise, but before we come jumping into the next pipe or onto the next planet, here’s one interesting link that traces the history of Mario. Yes, I love this plumber.


Mu[g]en said...

I too, spent hours during our Christian Formation Program class planning my moves on how to defeat King Coopa in Mario 3. hehehe

f. jordan said...

Well, he's one memorable tubero. Haha.